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In some cases, college students might be charged with crimes that can affect their academic and professional futures. To minimize the damage that can be caused by criminal charges so early in life, contact a UNA college student criminal defense lawyer.

A Local Resource

Located in Florence, The Law Office of Brad Phillips, LLC, is only a short drive away from the University of North Alabama. Our office is familiar with the laws and courts of North Alabama, and we have helped many individuals with criminal charges in the local area. We are dedicated to providing compassionate support to every one of our clients, and we develop strategies to address their legal issues at the individual level.

Common Types of Criminal Defense Cases

While every criminal case is different, certain types of charges are common among students, including:

  • DUIs: While the standard legal limit for blood alcohol level for adults is the same as in most states, individuals under the legal drinking age have a much smaller limit than their adult counterparts in Alabama. Underage violations of DUI laws might come with lower penalties, but they can still lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. A campus DUI attorney can help fight these charges.
  • Drug Possession: Alabama’s laws for drug possession are quite strict, even if someone is found to possess certain drugs only for personal use. In some cases, drug possession might lead to time in jail in addition to fines.
  • Sex Offenses: Many crimes of a sexual nature, including rape, are considered felony offenses in the state of Alabama. This can impact your future employment prospects, as well as your right to vote and carry firearms.
  • Theft: In Alabama, certain instances of theft are considered felony offenses. Repeat offenders might receive increased penalties.

Working with a criminal defense attorney can help improve your odds of success. They can advise you on actions to take surrounding your case and help you represent yourself in court.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

While it can be tempting to resist charges on your own, seeking legal counsel can give you a clear path forward. Most students facing legal issues in Florence and need guidance on what actions to take to resolve their issues. An attorney can help create a path that is unique to each individual, helping them make informed decisions.


Q: How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost in Alabama?

A: In Alabama, criminal defense attorneys often charge an hourly rate that varies based on several factors, including their level of experience, location, and how complicated your case is. Some criminal defense attorneys charge a flat fee for more common offenses like DUIs, while others charge an hourly rate. For more information on a specific attorney’s fees, contact them directly.

Schedule a Consultation With The Law Office of Brad Phillips, LLC

Regardless of what type of charges you may be facing, it is wise to address them as early as possible. An attorney can help you understand what actions might be required to work through legal challenges. Schedule a consultation with The Law Office of Brad Phillips, LLC, to learn about how we can help you with your criminal charges.


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