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Juvenile delinquency cases are typically handled differently from adult criminal cases. This means that there are unique rules and elements that apply. Juvenile cases can be stressful for the defendant and their loved ones, so working with a Florence juvenile delinquency lawyer can be helpful. They can help a family or individual navigate charges, court, and other elements of a juvenile case.

Committed to Juvenile Defendants

A juvenile delinquency case takes a unique approach from attorneys who are experienced in these types of cases. Strategies that might work with adult cases might not work in a juvenile context. The Law Office of Brad Phillips, LLC, has experience representing individuals in juvenile delinquency cases in multiple different counties and jurisdictions. For information about your juvenile case, contact The Law Office of Brad Phillips, LLC.

What Is Juvenile Delinquency?

The goal of a juvenile court is to apply a just ruling toward an individual under the age of majority in Alabama. Cases committed by these individuals are rarely taken to adult court, but it has happened. Common types of charges given to juveniles include:

  • Truancy: In Alabama, it is legally required for a child to attend school while they are certain ages. A child who wishes to drop out of school must receive parental permission. In some cases, parents might receive misdemeanor charges for their child not regularly attending school, but there are exceptions. For example, parents can submit evidence that they cannot control their child’s actions, leading to a juvenile court hearing.
  • Stealing: Some teenagers are tempted to shoplift, but these temptations can come with serious consequences. Some instances can result in jail time and fines if they are serious enough.
  • Alcohol: If a child possesses or consumes alcohol and is not yet at the age of majority, they probably won’t be subject to adult court. However, someone older than the age of majority but younger than the drinking age who is in possession of alcohol could still be expected to be tried as an adult.


Q: Who Qualifies for Juvenile Delinquency in Alabama?

A: Children qualify for juvenile delinquency in Alabama. Under Alabama law, a juvenile is tried differently than an adult for committing a criminal action. This is because individuals under the age of majority are typically not considered completely responsible for their own actions yet.

Individuals under the age of majority are normally considered juveniles, except in particular circumstances. They may be tried as adults for particularly violent crimes. For more information on the age of majority, contact a criminal defense attorney.

Q: What Are Some Types of Juvenile Delinquency?

A: The most common types of juvenile delinquency cases include things like theft, burglary, and robbery. Depending on the circumstances, these cases can be tried as misdemeanors or felonies. The difference between these crimes has to do with the type of property entered. If the individual attempts to steal something in a public building, it is considered theft. If the individual breaks into or enters a private property, it is considered burglary.

Gain Insight Into Your Juvenile Case

When an individual is under the age of majority, they still have legal rights. To learn what rights and responsibilities are relevant to your juvenile delinquency case, contact a criminal defense attorney with experience working with younger clients. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how a lawyer can help with your or a loved one’s juvenile delinquency charges.


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